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API Security

API Security, Privacy & Visibility

Our API security solution is artificial intelligence (AI) driven solution and autonomously builds behavioral profiles of safe API activity. This does away with lengthy rules and set ups, or the need to continuously update attack signatures.

It is able to do this without consuming sensitive or personally identifiable information, ensuring the highest privacy standards.


Solution Features

  • Advanced Machine Learning based API misuse detection
  • Behavioral Analytics for API traffic reputation assessment
  • API supply chain tracking and visibility to identify risk users of API services

Flexible Deployment

Our API security solution provides actionable intelligence on your operational APIs to help maintain organizational reputation with a seamless and flexible deployment.

  • AWS Cloud deployment
  • On-Premises deployment
  • Configurable privacy compliant

Solution Benefits

  • Monitor API traffic and detect attacks in real-time
  • Flag & alert high-risk API requests to prevent loss to your organization
  • Gain deep transaction and feature visibility on your entire API ecosystem.
  • Boost your API defense in depth capability
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