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DNS, DHCP, IP Address Management (DDI)

Business is moving faster than never before with highly competitive context, also the Internet of Things (IoT) era has finally arrived, so businesses need to be prepared for a world where everything is connected.

This Market trend has led to enormous pressure on company network services regardless of size, complexity and business focus. As a result, the business needs to implement a cost-effective, easy to use, and flexible DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (DDI) Solution.

What is DDI

DDI is a short form for the integration of DNS, DHCP, and IPAM (IP Address Management) into a single service or solution. DDI comprises the foundation of core network services which enables all the communications over an IP-based network.

A DDI solution (DNS, DHCP, and IP address management solution) is a necessary tool for enterprises. As the enterprises grow –through mergers and acquisitions – they must continuously add new IP addresses to their network with an ever-increasing pace.

Earlier it was easy to assign and manage IP addresses, but now with the given the growth of IP-connected devices and has created more difficulties. Additionally, under the new IPv6 protocol, it will lead to the availability of trillions of new IP addresses, so organizations should be ready to deal with a significant increase in IP address across the network.DDI


DNS is very much like a phone directory for the internet. If you know the name of the person but not know their telephone number, you can simply look it up in a phone book. DNS provides this facility to the internet.

When you visit https://adwebtech.com in a browser, your computer uses the DNS to retrieve the website’s IP address of Without DNS, you would only be able to visit the by visiting its IP address directly, such as

When you visit a domain such as adwebtech.com, the computer follows a series of steps to turn the web address into a machine-readable IP address. This will happen every time you use a domain name, whether you are viewing websites, sending an email or listening to internet radio stations such as Radio Mirchi.


DHCP (Dynamic Host Configuration Protocol) is a network protocol used to assign an Internet Protocol (IP) address to any device, or node, on a network so they communicate using IP. DHCP automates and manages these configurations rather than requiring network administrators to manually assign IP addresses to all network devices. DHCP can be implemented on a small local, as well as large enterprise networks.

A server which uses DHCP can dynamically assign IP Addresses and other network configuration parameters to devices on the network, allowing communication to a next network. The protocol can be implemented of networks of all sizes, ranging from small home area networks (HANs) to large campus area networks (CANs) and the networks used by Internet Service Providers (ISPs).DDI


IPAM (IP Address Management) is the administration of DNS and DHCP, which are the network services which assign and resolve IP addresses to machines in the TCP/IP network. Simply, IPAM is a method of planning, tracking, and managing the IP address space which is used in a network.

Internet Protocol address management (IPAM) is a method of tracking and tweaking the information associated with the network’s Internet Protocol address (IP address) space. With IPAM, administrators ensure that the inventory of assignable IP addresses remains current and enough.

IP Address Management (IPAM) is a method of planning, tracking and managing the information associated with a network’s Internet Protocol address space. With IPAM software, administrators ensure that the inventory of assignable IP addresses remains current and enough. IPAM simplifies and automates the administration of many tasks involved in IP space management, which include writing of DNS records and configuring DHCP settings. more functionalities such as controlling reservations in DHCP as well as other data collation and reporting capability, which is also common.

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