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Managed File Transfer Software

Managed File Transfer Software – Secure your file transfers

If securing file transfer is critical to your organization, and you’re tired of juggling multiple tools to manage the exchange of data between trading partners, vendors, customers, and employees.

Then, Managed File Transfer Software is your all in one solution.

Unlike complicated scripts or legacy programs, MFT  software easily automates and manages file transfers using modern data security standards. Gain confidence knowing files are protected at rest and in motion and all the data is stored securely on the internal network, behind your firewall.

Managed File Transfer Software

Regardless of file size or volume, MFT Software automatically reconnects and resumes file transfer to help guarantee delivery. You can even receive transfer status alerts via email or text message.

MFT software supports multiple platforms and easily integrates with your backend systems, while the intuitive browser interface makes it simple for any team member to create and maintain transfer.

Our MTF software provides enterprise-level security and automation at a price that’s affordable to the organization of any size.

Key Features of Managed File Transfer Software

Streamline your file transfer processes with ease

  1. Manage file transfers throughout your enterprise
  2. Configure your transfers from anywhere
  3. Meet stringent policies and compliance requirements
  4. Integrate with your favorite web and cloud applications
  5. Translate files to and from various formats

Why you should choose our MTF Software?

1) File Transfer Management

Determine how and when your transfers should run. At home or on the road? Our browser-based web client allows you to configure and monitor file transfers from anywhere.

2) Detailed Security Controls

Secure critical data and control user permissions and access with password policies, folder-level permissions, user groups/roles, standard encryption protocols, and more.

3) Easy Automation

GoAnywhere’s multi-step workflows are simple to create and integrate with existing processes. Use workflows to automate your file transfers and reduce the need for manual scripting and scheduling.

4) Distributed Workloads

Achieve high availability for mission-critical environments with GoAnywhere’s load balancer. Balance trading partner connections by distributing them across the systems in your network.

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