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AVault from Adwebtech

With 20+ years of domain expertise in PKI, SSL, two-factor authentication and network security, Adweb Technologies is proud to offer a truly “MADE IN INDIA” software AVault. Developed in-house and tested with every HSM (hardware security module), OEM, for DC and DR environments, the Adwebtech  AVault meets and exceeds UIDAI recommendations of Aadhaar Vault on all counts.


What is AVault?

AVault from Adwebtech is a PKI encrypted data store which is highly secure. AVault undertakes tokenization of all Aadhaar data. Aadhaar Data Vault is centralized storage for all the Aadhaar numbers collected by the AUAs/KUAs/Sub-AUAs/ or any other agency for specific purposes under Aadhaar Act and Regulations, 2016. It is a secure system inside the respective agency’s infrastructure accessible only on a need to know basis.

Aadhaar Number has been identified as the “Identity Information” under the Aadhaar Act 2016 and can uniquely identify residents in India. Since it’s the lifetime identity of the residents of India and will be used to avail various services in India involving financial transactions, and unauthorized access to the Aadhaar number can be devastating because it can be misused in many ways. The objective of the Aadhaar vault is to reduce the footprint of the Aadhaar number within the system/ environment of the organization hence reduce the risk of unauthorized access.

Implementation of the AVault solution:


AVault from Adwebtech is the complete software package that is needed to implement Aadhaar Data Vault within your organization. The package supports database encryption for data protection and also provides HSM integration.


Features of AVault:

  1. Capabilities to achieve high performance on inexpensive commodity hardware.
  2. REST-based secure APIs to access the information from Aadhaar Vault.
  3. Minimum changes in the existing system for storing reference keys in place of Aadhaar number.
  4. Implemented strong access, authentication measures, monitoring/logging of access.
  5. Supports Admin module to Insert/Update/Delete entries to Aadhaar Vault
  6. Supports any SQL based database, like Oracle, MS SQL, MySQL etc.
  7. Flexibility to accommodate varied systems, integration with customized API
  8. Ability to configure horizontal scaling.
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