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Code Signing Certificate

What is a Code Signing Certificate?

A code signing certificate is a digital certificate that is issued by a Certificate Authority. It contains information that fully identifies an entity.  The Digital Certificate binds the identity of an organization with the use of private and public keys.

The code signing certificate is used by software developers to digitally sign software programs, drivers and apps as a way for end-users to verify that the code they received is not been compromised or altered by a third party.

The developer signs code with its private key and the end-user uses the developer’s public key to verify the developer’s identity (verify the identity of an entity).

Protect users from downloading compromised software, prevent tampering, and provide the trusted assurance of authentication by using a digital signature.

Code Signing Certificate

Why Sign Your Code?

  1. Maximize distribution on more platforms
  2. Reduce security warnings w/a trusted CA
  3. Protect your code integrity
  4. Speed time to market
  5. Ensure a safe, secure experience

How does Code Signing works?

How Code Signing Certificate Work

Why Choose our Code Signing Certificate?

1) Customer Protection: Code Signing Certificates allow the user to verify that the code is authentic and has not been tampered with. Our code signing certificate protects your software against theft and malware.
2) Brand Reputation: The user expects a smooth and professional installation process when they download the software. Digitally signed programs avoid warning messages and help keep your users safe. Indeed protects the brand reputation.
3) Best In-class Customer Support: Adweb’s has the best technical support team in the business. We have support experts available to answer any of your questions instantly. Our Supports include Phone, Email, Chat and Remote Support.
4) Efficient Monitoring and Enforcement: When a piece of code is digitally signed, you can easily detect modified files. Additionally, code signed with a timestamp tells a user that the code was signed with a valid certificate even after the actual code signing certificate expires.
5) Increased User Adoption: Downloading software usually requires caution, however, signing code helps avoid warning messages from browsers and builds trust in you as a publisher; this results in an increased adoption rate.

Supported Platforms:

Supported Code signing Certificate platform

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