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New Google Chrome 'tune' icon (Adweb Technologies)

Google Chrome’s Lock Icon to Be Replaced with New Tune Icon: What It Means for Users

As the internet continues to evolve, so does the way we think about security online. One of the most iconic symbols of online security, the lock icon that appears next to the website URL in your address bar, is about to get a makeover. In a recent blog post, Google announced that it will be […]

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Code Signing Signature Requirement

Protecting Code Signing Keys with Improved Requirements

Code signing is broadly recognized as a critical step in conveying trust to software users and protecting companies from harm caused by cybercriminals in the software supply chains or other types of cybersecurity attacks. Code signing certificate indicates that a software author or publisher is who they say they are and that the code has not […]

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Don’t let hackers fool you. Get your company’s cyber security right on April 1st

Today, April 1st, is the best time to revisit some of the Smart IT Hygiene that an organization can employ to avoid being a ‘Cyber Fool’.

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10 Foolproof ways to identify fake websites

Fake website scams continue to cost online users a lot of money. So, here’s a checklist to look for in a website to spot the real and the copycat.

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Everything You Want to Know About Digicert Smart Seal.

Have you ever implemented a Site Seal on any of your websites before? Well, to brush up on your memory here are some of the pictures of well-known site seals. If you are new to Site Seal: These site seals are a symbol of trust for most customers. The seal aka the Trust Marks is […]

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Know everything about Zero Trust in CyberSecurity

Zero Trust basically suggests it is not adequate to rely on perimeter-based security, it has to be in the perimeter across people, devices, Data, Networks, and workloads to include strong identification, authentication, isolation, encryption, and segregation, this also ensures that each transaction is subjected to maximum scrutiny. Hence, the time and money spent on cybersecurity, […]

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5 Steps to Protect your Digital Identity

Since almost 2 decades e commerce has been growing at a rapid pace and the organization’ digital brand is been gaining immense importance in the market, now with an increasing malicious websites who hide behind encryption, it is important to have trust and face value is gaining importance. This where the customers get confused and […]

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SSL Certificate for IP Address

There are plenty of enterprise use cases where companies need SSL certificate for IP address. Companies use IP addresses to access various types of applications via internet or intranet. Based on the organization strategies you would want to secure IP addresses with SSL certificates. In this article, I am going to explain you the process […]

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Apple Plans to Shorten the SSL Certificate Validity

A big announcement came out on SSL Certificate validity at the face-to-face meeting of the CA/Browser Forum (CA/B Forum) at Bratislava, Slovakia  on 19th February 2020. CA/B Forum is the industry standards group which consists of Certificate Authority (CA) and several of the major browsers. The announcement stated that starting from 1st September 2020 Apple’s Safari […]

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What is Rootkit and How to Prevent yourself from such Malware.

Rootkit has been around for nearly 20 years now, allowing hackers/attackers to get access to user machines and steal data without being detected for long periods of time. In the recent month, a malicious campaign had been identified where a Chinese hacker dropped Rootkit in 50,000 servers (containing Windows MS-SQL and PhpMyAdmin server around the […]

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