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EasiShare - Managed File Transfer

What is Secure Managed File Transfer?

Secure Managed file transfer (SMFT) is a software solution that helps organizations securely and efficiently transfer files between different systems and applications.

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Why EasiShare Matters?

View the entire video to understand how Easishare provides comprehensive oversight and authority over your files.

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Advantages of EasiShare Secure
Managed File Transfer

Meet regulatory

Two-step verification
using OTP

Options for deploying high availability

Permission management, monitoring, auditing, & reporting

Encryption of data while stored and during transmission

Automated Workflows and Folder Tracking

EasiShare - Enterprise File Transfer

[For Securing File Shares]Govern with ease.

EasiShare provides customisable policies and comprehensive audit reports to help IT admins gain better control and visibility over every file share within and outside the organisation.

  • Restrict File Share Duration
  • True File Type Check
  • Audit Logs with IP Address

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