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Managed PKI Solution

Meet the PKI platform that meets you where you are

What is the Managed PKI Solution? 

Managed PKI Solution is the industry-leading PKI solution that allows you to secure and manage all your PKI applications from one place — no matter what solutions you have in place. Take control of and automate the certificate lifecycle for:

  1. Email
  2. WiFi access points
  3. Secure VPN
  4. Mobile device management
  5. Document Signing
  6. Smart card login
  7. Internet of things

The smartest solution for simplifying user identity management for existing network access, directory services, and business applications.

Managed PKI Solution

Why choose Managed PKI Solution?

Because today’s enterprise demands a proven way to automate management for corporate access and secure all end-to-end communication points cost-efficiently.

1) Cost-effective and scalable
Top-of-the-line PKI infrastructure with dedicated multimillion-dollar investments in research and development, maintenance, security, and compliance. Significant reduction in costs and management burden over implementing and securing your own PKI environment. Proven capabilities to quickly scale and process high volume certificate requests.

2) Rapid deployment
Fast deployment leveraging over 30 pre-packaged certificate profiles for common applications including VPNs, 802.11x WiFi, web, Secure S/MIME email, Adobe® and Microsoft® applications. Easy to customize certificate profiles to meet unique requirements.

3) Seamless integration with third-party tools

Automatic deployment of certificates to domain-joined machines via Windows Group Policy Object (GPO), with Active Directory (AD) or Light Directory Active Protocol (LDAP) integrations. Integration with Enterprise Device Management (EDM) and Mobile Device Management (MDM) applications, with Simple Certificate Enrollment Protocol (SCEP) and Web Services.

4) Compliance with corporate security policies

Multiple enrollment methods available, including via PKI client software (auto-enrollment), self-support portal, operating system/browser-based, and Mobile Device Management (MDM) web services.

5) Industry-leading security
Employs the same PKI technology that is used throughout DigiCert’s military-grade PKI and Network
Operations Centers. Supports 24x7x365 monitoring, management, and escalation across the globe with full disaster recovery.

6) World-class professional and support services
DigiCert Professional and Support Services alleviate the burden of planning, implementing, and maintaining an in-house, full-scale support infrastructure.

Enterprise Security Challenges

Enterprise Security Challenges

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