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The Purpose of Hardware Security Module (HSM) for Digital keys


What is a Hardware Security Module (HSM)?

Hardware Security Module (HSM) is a piece of hardware device that is usually attached to the inside of the PC or the server which provides cryptographic functions but not limited to key generation, encryption, hashing and decryption. HSM possess controls that provide physical tamper resistance and has its own user interface and programmable interface.

Types of HSM’s available?

There are two types of hardware security module:

General Purpose HSM and Payment HSM

How does HSM Encryption Work?

  • The Hardware Security Module’s protective mechanism on individual encryption and decryption ensures that only authorized persons and access the data
  • The sole intention of HSM is that “the personal or sensitive data cannot be manipulated or deactivated via unauthorized third parties”.
  • HSM secures the internet based sensitive information between enterprise and products used by enterprise clients e.g. it manages a secure connection between the manufacturer’s servers by verifying system integrity that leaves no doubt that the “thing” sending the data is infact the thing it says it is. Vice versa, they also verify that the device receiving the data is a device permitted to receive such information.

In short, HSM serves to store individual, customer-related keys and provides encryption mechanisms for secure data transmission. hence, it is an efficient means for securing devices in the field.

Whom do we serve

HSM for finance industry

HSM for retail industry

HSM for technology

HSM for telecom industry

What is the Hardware Security Module (HSM) used for?

HSM’s in common is used to protect transactions, identities and applications, it secures the cryptographic keys and avails services such as encryption, decryption, authentication and digital signing of documents.

Hardware Security Modules, HSM

Hardware Security Module (HSM) for PKI Environment

Information security is one of the most fundamental pillars of any organization, that’s the reason company’s select leading vendors who can help them secure their confidential data. public key infrastructure shortly called as PKI consists of protocols, services, and standards supporting applications of public key cryptography. these protocols are used to digitally sign document transactions, and software to confirm the integrity of those materials

In PKI environments, the HSM is used by SSL certification authorities (CAs) and registration authorities (RAs) to generate, store, and handle key pairs, the HSM can provide:

  • An intense level of security to Public Key infrastructure
  • A Multi-part user authorization schema (see Blakley-Shamir secret sharing)
  • A full audit and log traces to secure the key backup

Hardware Security Module for Card Payment System (bank HSM)

Card processing Systems use limited features of HSM because they are less complicated than Certificate Authority HSM.

So basically Bank HSM can be divided into two categories:

Original Equipment Manufacturer OR Integrated modules for ATM and POS terminals, that is to:

  • Encrypt sensitive information when using the card
  • To load the Digital keys in the reserved memory
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