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Blockchain Zero Trust

We offer next-gen cyber security products by harnessing the potential of emerging technologies. Our solutions are based on the concept of zero-trust and provide holistic and scalable security for IT infra, data protection and IOT. Our products allow users connected to the corporate network or on the go, to safely access applications hosted in the Data center or in the cloud and securing critical IOT infra & connected devices. Block Armour innovative platform is easy to deploy and has the unique advantage of using a single console to manage and secure systems and devices across enterprise, cloud and IOT.


Our Products

Secure Shield

Secure Shield is a comprehensive cyber security solution that provides secure network access and protects systems based on the concept of zero-trust. It also provides protection from wide range of threats and secures by concealing vulnerabilities, so that they aren’t exploit. It renders applications and systems invisible to attackers and uses the power of blockchain to securely identify and authenticate users and devices before granting access.

Secure Sheild

IOT Armour

IoT Armour leverages digital signature-based identity and authentication for humans, machines and data; tightly ring-fencing critical infrastructure and securing connected devices in the IoT. The decentralized architecture ensures there‘s no single point of failure while providing a robust, scalable and highly-resilient system for large scale  distributed IoT networks.

IOT Armour

Digital Vault

The solution allows institutions to confidently protect, control and monitor data and communication within and beyond the organization and guarantee compliance with relevant local and international regulatory requirements.

Digital Vault

Benefits of Solution

  • Phishing Resistant Authentication
  • Invisible and Locked Down Critical Systems
  • Zero Trust Model
  • Immutable and Tamper Proof Logs
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