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Network Access Control


Network Access Control (NAC)

Network access control (NAC) is an access to computer security via network management which focuses on the security policy, managing the approach to the network and collates endpoint security like anti-virus, vulnerability assessment, it helps to ensure that only trusted and authorized devices can access the infrastructure and control & monitor all activities on the network.

Network access control is also known as network admission control (NAC).  Network access control is exactly what it says it is, a security solution that controls access to your network.

To be a bit more detailed, NAC is a solution that integrates with both your wireless and wired infrastructure to identify, assign, and enforce pre-determined rules or policies to manage access to your network.

Network Access Control (NAC) from Adweb Technologies

New devices join network very frequently. Unmanaged machines, endpoints, and virtual instances. IoT devices and industrial system. These devices significantly enhance the attack-prone environment making it invisible to security products. At Adweb Technologies we offer a heterogeneous security solution that can see the devices, control them and orchestrate system-wide threat response across your wired and wireless network, data-center, cloud and operational technology deployments without agents.


network access control

The features and benefits of NAC are as followed:

  • Visibility into the Network:

It gives visibility to the connected devices and alerts the security admin in case of suspicious behavior or connection and action can be initiated by the network security team.

  •  Access Control:

It gives access control to the organizational network, which enables to keep compromised or rogue devices at bay; it also adheres to the security policies laid down and ensures its compliance, specifically for organizations using different devices.

  • Unified Management:

It allows the organization to monitor and control the devices connected to the network, it effectively implements predetermined network security policies by setting automatic controls and remedies.

Reaches the IOT, considering the security challenges with these devices, NAC will monitor even if an employee enters the office with a non-authorized device to connect with the network, the NAC solution will block the access to the network.

Integration with the existing infrastructure is done seamlessly, also share data with security integration like threat detection system, vulnerability assessment tools, and latest firewalls.

Compliance Achievement, The NAC solutions help to bring security policies into compliance, as compliance is an important security factor.


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