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Adweb Technologies releases “PDF AutoSigner PRO”...

Adweb Technologies releases “PDF AutoSigner PRO” for bulk PDF digital document signing.

PDF AutoSigner PRO
Adweb Technologies announced the launch of PDFAutoSigner Pro its advanced, PDF format, bulk digital signing software. This windows-based software is the ultimate tool, required for business documents to move to a paperless, zero contact, work from anywhere environment, flexible enough to cater to SME and large corporate entities.

PDF AutoSigner PRO is a unique offering aimed at easing the process of signing in bulk, multiple PDF format documents. Available for Windows desktop or server, this software can satisfy the needs of every PDF document signing situation with multiple signatory profiles and placement with excellent speed.

Automated e-mail delivery to a set of listed recipients, with the option of password protection, and PDF rights security, gives confidential documents the secrecy they need. Legal requirements are met with digital signature time-stamping and long-term signature validity options,

PDF Auto Signer Pro can access a digital signature from any brand of USB crypto-token hardware, besides also enabling access to system stored PFX digital signatures. Large organizations can integrate PDF AutoSigner Pro with their ERP systems such as SAP and Oracle for easy workflow using a network-based HSM (Hardware Security Module). A built-in log to monitor signing activities keeps compliance history. Organizations that need to generate non-legal digital signatures for internal use can do so from within PDF AutoSigner Pro at zero cost.

Unlike international solutions this “Made in India” software is extremely affordable and comes bundled with extensive telephonic and email support, in English and major Indian languages.

With the acceptance and insistence of digitally signed documents; digital signatures issued by a CCA notified public certifying authority, give 100% legal sanctity to all documents of trade and compliance.

With the broad-based adoption of PDF AutoSigner Pro, the requirement to send paper by courier or post is over, saving time, money, and ensuring contactless information flow says Apurva Mody the CEO and founder of Adweb Technologies.

Adwebtech is an IT company, focusing on cybersecurity solutions across all industry verticals. It has successfully built a cybersecurity practice in PKI, multi-factor authentication, attack surface intelligence, DNS Security, AI-driven API Security, network detection and response, secured MFT, and numerous other cutting-edge solutions.

To request a free trial of the software please visit www.pdfautosigner.com

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