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Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs)

Verified Mark Certificate

What are Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs)?

VMCs or Verified Mark Certificates are digital certificates that allow your brand to place a trademarked brand logo next to the “sender” field in your customer’s inbox—even before they opened your message! 

In simple words, VMC displays your brand’s verified logo next to the ‘sender’ field in your client’s inbox. This sets a spotlight on your brand, making your emails a priority.

With more of your emails being read every single day, you enjoy a MASSIVE boost in your sales and ROI. Moreover, VMCs help you build a trustworthy relationship with your customers. 

Nail your first impressions with VMC.

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To qualify for a Verified Mark Certificates.

  1. Your domain(s) must be fully DMARC compliant. If you are not DMARC compliant, leave it to your expert. 
  2. Your organization’s logo must be a legally registered trademark.
  3. The logo file that will be used in your VMC certificate must be a.SVG file that adheres to the SVG-P/S profile. (Provide us with the logo and our expert will handle the rest.)

Benefits of Verified Mark Certificates

Spontaneous Brand Recall

Reinforce your brand’s image in your customer’s minds. Pave your way to a loyal customer base effortlessly. 

Associate your logo with Trust

Customers love shopping with a familiar brand. Let your VMC logo ‘Ring-A-Bell’ in your customer’s minds to build a loyal customer base.  

10% boost in email engagement

Makes your customer’s email experience safe and comfortable thus getting more clicks.

A picture is worth a thousand words

Verify your logo along with your email. Give a clear and concise visual confirmation that your brand is authentic. 

Display your DMARC & BIMI compliance

Boldly display your commitment towards security with DMARC and BIMI compliance. 

Supported Mailbox Provider for BIMI:

supported mailbox provider for BIMI


Email With VMC Enabled

Verified Mark Certificates (VMCs) are Now Available in India!

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