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5 Steps to Protect your Digital Identity


Since almost 2 decades e commerce has been growing at a rapid pace and the organization’ digital brand is been gaining immense importance in the market, now with an increasing malicious websites who hide behind encryption, it is important to have trust and face value is gaining importance. This where the customers get confused and get into scams as genuine business identities need to focus on identity verification as lack of which users, application and devices can be easily hacked, in turn will give a bad name to the organization.

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Here are important steps to follow to avoid or at least minimize the same as validation of the business identity for the customer can prove your websites  legitimacy, secure network access and add to building their trust, also enables protection to your and customer’s data.


SSL certificates available in the market have their peculiar roles in the encryption, for example a DV (Domain Validation) provides validation of the Identity of the domain but does not validate the identity of the organization, since many a hackers use Domain validation to create a wrong impression to impersonate the official website, so it is important to protect the brand identity with high assurance certificate like Organisation validation (OV) certificate which validates the Identity of the organization or even further Extended Validation (EV) TLS certificate wherein the certificate proves the legitimacy of the business which owns it and a through check is/verification is done before the issuance, it OV & EV provides additional assurance that the website is authentic, hence high security businesses like e commerce and Finance it is imperative to give all the details of the website owner, location, while giving Brand protection, and user protection which assures the user to transact on your website with trust and confidence.


We need to expose our identity everywhere possible hence you must sign your code, sign the documents, also secure all the emails sent, since your company is identified by emails, and documents sent from the company you have to ensure security measures are in place as they are targeted by hackers to send out malware, which is presumed to be from you, hence it is suggested to simplify security and enrolment systems with a flexible certificate which is available in the market, you can rapidly implement security measures.


Foremost, all the Iot devises must have to establish their Identity when lot is implemented by your organization, since by deploying PKI and Digital Certificates the Organizations can establish their device identities for their lot devices connected to them, this also enables manufacturers to track and update them, while some have managed to bind the certificates to the lot devices at the factory floor and adding a extra layer of security.


Trust Seals are the best visual method of gaining trust of your Customers, as they are worried about the payment security, many of them abandon the shopping carts at the last moment, ranging to about 20%,Trust Seals continue to be the top reason for the online trust for the high-assurance TLS Certificates, which substantially reduce the bounce rate and an increase in conversions. This, in the process the wary customers can be assured of trustworthiness of the website in a single click.

Online security has been the most challenging aspect for most of the businesses around the world. Implementing this has been the priority for CXOs. Whether you are a small or multinational business, we give you a staring guide to learn the importance of protecting your customers online security


To prevent the issuance of an Certificate by a third party (CA) to mislead the customers has to be prevented at any costs, as they are mis-issued to mislead those who trust the brand Identity of the organization, so to protect the domain owners from such attacks, it was made mandatory for all CAs to do a complete check of the Domain’s CAA record before issuing the Certificate which are also known as the whitelist of the Domain, this is to prevent the hackers to avail the Rogue Certificates, which enables CAs to check the authentication process and issue a Certificate.

The steps given above are the common reasons for the vulnerability, which lead to compromise of digital Identities and many believe that these security measures slow down the productivity, however in conclusion they are worth sending money and time for the same.

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